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Moving prospects and clients through the selling funnel is difficult. Actually, difficult is sometimes putting it mildly. It can be a real pain in the ass.


There are long hours and hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars in resources that are required to help a customer transcend each stage. Phone calls, emails, coffee meetings, more emails, a few more calls, lunches, more coffee meetings, site meetings, more calls... sound familiar? Sound insane? Are you really getting the return you're looking for?

SellAssist Sales Training & Coaching provides Calgary and Southern Alberta with premium sales training at an accessible price. With over 70 years of combined front-line sales experience across 10+ different industries, we have identified 43 key skills that every sales rep should have a working knowledge of to be successful. 

Our training programs are fully customizable based on the actual needs of your team. To better understand those needs, we provide a complete assessment prior to each training session. 

One of the key aspects of training is information retention. In as little as 3 days after a session, attendees can lose as much as 80% of what they've learned. To help mitigate this risk and maximize the investment, reinforcement coaching is a necessary requirement so with every completed program your reps will have access to our ongoing training and coaching, direct from the trainer, for 365 days after training. 

Here's How We Help:


  • Platinum-Grade Sales Training and Coaching based on 70+ years of combined front-lines sales experience across 10 industries

  • Pricing that won't break the bank

  • On-site training

  • Customized - we won't waste time teaching things they already know

  • Free initial assessment of 43 key skills every rep should have

  • Included: 1 year of phone support for your reps - post-session reinforcement coaching

  • Included: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software review

  • Included: All training materials and tools

SellAssist Rate Schedule

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