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Sales Playbook Training Program

Each registrant will participate in a series of twelve (12) workshop sessions, one session per week capped at two hours per session. The total program length is approximately 30 hours, consisting of approximately twenty-two hours of instructional time and eight hours of group workshops. A further breakdown of each workshop will consist of scenario discussions, Q&A, a mastermind, and interactive scenarios rooted in specific real-world use cases.

Workshops will include materials and topics critical to the development of entrepreneurial selling skills. During the program, participants will build and understand a comprehensive “Sales Playbook” that is relevant to their particular venture. The playbook will encapsulate the necessary components and planning required to attract customers, establish a competitive position, and execute on a selling strategy.


As sales and marketing subject matter experts, Professional Sales Agents International Inc. aims to deliver a solid, fundamental understanding of selling practices that reflect the unique challenges faced by small enterprises. A completed “Sales Playbook” defines the elements required to build an effective sales funnel relevant to focus of each individual business, and cultivates a positive relationship with the sales process.


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