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Discovery & Research

We work to understand your product or service, industry competitive landscape, and the best practices of other companies.

Engage & Enlighten

Our agents specialize in tactical cold entry using three core channels: LinkedIn, phone, and email. There is nothing unique about the channels themselves, however the secret to success lies in how we execute using those channels. 

Decision & Conversion

We confirm that potential clients will meet the necessary BANT thresholds.  We then move to get buy-in from stakeholders and bring all sides to the table. 

Discovery & Research

We do a tremendous amount of preliminary research on your company, industry, and types of clients you want to acquire in the future. To help us achieve this goal we ask you to complete our "Getting to Know You" questionnaire. It's designed to help us understand four key areas:

  • Demographics (who they are)

  • Psychographics (how they think or perceive)

  • Behavioral Tendencies (how they act)

  • Environmental Factors (a snapshot of their current state)

What are our goals at this stage? 

  • Learn about your company and your market

  • Develop a complete Ideal Customer Profile to use as a lead quality benchmark

  • Outline a Buyer Persona to help identify key decision makers and stakeholders

  • Understand your Value Statement, Mission Statement, and any other unique identifiers that distinguish you from your competition

  • Analyze your Competitor Landscape, sales metrics, and KPIs

Discovery & Research

Engage & Enlighten

First impressions count, so the initial outreach is critical to all future stages of communication. The first experience a lead has with you should not be a cold call or a spammy email, but one of genuine connection, engagement, and interest in solving a problem. Our first contact is about adding value and building a trust relationship with the lead.  

What are our goals at this stage? 

  • Create a meaningful connection with the lead

  • Confirm they have a problem worth solving

  • Gain status as a trusted advisor to lead the solution conversation 

  • Anticipate and eliminate potential objections or pitfalls

What are your customer's goals at this stage? 
  • Learn about your company and your market

  • Explore information on various solutions that may help them solve their problem

  • Seek out additional resources and tools to provide insight (whitepapers, articles, industry reports)

What questions is your customer asking at this stage? 
  • Do we need to gather more information on potential solutions? What are we missing? 

  • Do we have the budget to solve the problem? 

  • How long will a solution take to implement? 

  • Who are the other key players in the market? 

  • What has our competition done to solve similar problems? 

Engage & Enlighten

Decision & Conversion

Decision & Conversion

Every client we work with has a different measure of success. For some, it's the number of face-to-face meetings we can set up. For others, it's taking the process through to signing. Either way, the common denominator is a commitment to engage and take the journey. 

What are our goals at this stage? 

  • Remove any final barriers to next steps

  • Get a commitment to the key metric - a booked presentation, pilot program, or sold solution

  • Ensure any handoff is conducted smoothly and all stakeholders are informed

  • Complete a RACI matrix for clear communication of responsibility on all sides

What are your customer's goals at this stage? 
  • Determine the potential and real ROI for the project (Return On Investment)

  • Determine the TCO for the project (Total Cost of Ownership)

  • Commit to a vendor & final steps

  • Start contract negotiations

What questions is your customer asking at this stage? 
  • Will this vendor be around in 5 years? 

  • What is the expected ROI? 

  • What is the expected TCO? 

  • What does post-purchase support look like? 

  • What are the payment terms? Are there options? 

  • How long do we need to commit to the contract? Are we locked in?

  • ​Are there any referenceable customers in our industry? 

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