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Warm Up Your Cold Calling

Prospecting (I dislike that word). You either love it or hate it - either way it's a necessary process that needs to be done methodically and with precision. Today we are going to explore cold-calling.

There has been great debate over the years about the validity of cold calling and whether it can still be used as an effective tool within your overarching business development strategy. I'll save you some reading and tell you, with great certainty, that cold calling works. Even with email, text messaging, social media, and video conferencing, cold calling has maintained a foothold in the selling process because it leverages a human to human connection.

The tone of cold calling is influenced by many factors including your brand, product or service, type of business, market, customer persona, and your core values. All of these can be communicated in a well-orchestrated call.

What results can you expect from cold calling? It can vary dramatically depending on the factors previously mentioned, however a good rule of thumb is about a 10% return. In other words, for every 10 calls made you should have 1 interested lead. If you are doing a great job of targeting and messaging, those results can be as high as 30% or even 50%.

If you need help building a cold-calling strategy into your prospecting flow, please reach out to me.

Professional advice without the price.

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