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How to Achieve Enlightenment in 7 Days

Wise Buddha told his disciples one day that whoever makes a true and honest effort can attain enlightenment in seven days. Those who are less gifted would attain it in seven months. Students who are of average ability could only hope for it in seven years.

A young man listening to the great Buddha decided that was gifted and could attain enlightenment in one week. He asked Buddha what he must do to achieve great enlightenment in 7 days, and Buddha replied, “concentrate”.

This seemed too simple a task the young student thought, so he began his journey. He knelt down on the floor of the temple and began to focus. Minutes passed, and he kept his focus until he heard a fly buzzing about the temple. He followed the fly as it travelled around the room and he began to imagine what the fly must see. How high could it fly? What must it see in the world that he, a student, could learn?

Realizing he was distracted, he decided to refocus his thoughts, remembering his commitment to enlightenment in seven days. Soon, a gentle breeze danced its way through the windows of the temple and brought with it the scent of fresh lilacs and cherry blossoms. Once the fragrance reached the nose of the student, he began to remember the lilacs and cherry blossoms his grandfather would grow. He recalled the many lessons and teachings his grandfather would share with him while sitting under a cherry tree.

Frustrated, the student fought to bring himself back to the task at hand - how can he keep getting distracted when this journey was so important? He closed his eyes once more and began the process again.

Little by little however, he began paying attention to everything that distracted him - the trees, the birds, the sounds of the temple - and slowly he began to realize that what he thought were distractions were anything but. What he assumed were moments of time wasted was actually him experiencing his presence in the world.

Shortly thereafter he decided it was not necessary to arrive at his goal so fast, because his path was teaching him many things.

It was at that moment that he became an Enlightened one.

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