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Proud Members of Sales and Marketing Executives International 


SMEI is the only global sales and marketing professional association. Members enjoy online forums, educational webinars and peer connections for knowledge sharing. SMEI's professional certification programs create a world wide standard of credibility for individuals seeking recognition for their professional competencies. SMEI is a New York registered non-profit organization. (Sales & Marketing Executives International, Inc.)

SMEI has come a long way since the late 1880s, when sales and marketing was not popularly considered to be an attractive career or a profession. But many in the business, seeing the need for professional recognition based on sound standards and ethical practices, created Sales Managers’ Clubs. First started in the 1880s in North America, they gradually spread throughout Europe, Australian, South America and the Pacific Rim.


From them emerged SMEI. In 1935, IBM Founder Thomas Watson Sr.; Raymond Bill, founder of Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, and other visionaries invited the presidents of many Sales Managers’ Clubs to New York City to discuss forming a network of sales and marketing executives. The result was the National Federation of Sales Executives, the first of several names for SMEI.

Professional Sales Agents International Inc. is a proud member of SMEI and subscribes to the Five Founding Principles as well as the Sales & Marketing Creed. These make up the foundation of how PSAI conducts business in the 21st century. 


The Five Founding Principles

The SMEI Sales & Marketing Creed

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