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Venture Capital & Private Equity

Innovation is the backbone of the Canadian economy as evidenced by the 95,000 startups founded each year in this country. Almost one-third of these companies will fail because they don't have access to needed capital for R&D, sales & marketing, or manufacturing.


As a small business ourselves we understand how important this is to our clients, so we work on their behalf to connect them with critical funding through grants and investor capital. 

Our Referral Partners

Reactor is a start-up research and development firm for digital technology, providing experience, infrastructure, and talent to bring concepts to life.  

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CICG takes a Social Entrepreneurship approach, focusing on individuals, companies, and organizations who develop solutions to social, environmental, and other current problems using modern business techniques, and seeking innovative ways to operate and to drive change.

Alberta Enterprise does not invest directly in Alberta companies. Instead, they invest in VC funds that have a track record of success, strong global networks and a demonstrated commitment to the province of Alberta.

Venture Capital Association of Alberta

The VCAA generates opportunities, events, and programs on behalf of members to create dialogue, facilitate networking, professional development, and advocacy for venture capital. 

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Shred Capital is an early-stage technology fund dedicated to working side-by-side with passionate entrepreneurs taking their first or (ideally) second swing at creating a game-changing business.


Private VC Partnership is focused on a wide range of technology, AI/ML, and DeFi projects. Their VC group controls the raised funds to ensure accountability and works directly with Lead Investors to ensure that all of the infrastructure for each investment is in place.

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