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frequently asked questions


Q:   Will PSAI accept compensation from a client using their company shares to pay for our services? 


A:   PSAI does not typically subscribe to compensation models that include share ownership within it's clients' business.  This creates a conflict of interest with PSAI and any future clients that occupy the same industry vertical. Our mandate is to remain objective and work in the best interests of our clients. In order to perform those duties effectively, we need to avoid conflict-of-interest scenarios.

Q:   Will PSAI accept Profit Sharing as compensation for services rendered? 

A:   PSAI does not subscribe to compensation models that include profit sharing for the simple reason that profit sharing is susceptible to cost fluctuations beyond our control. As we are not shareholders (see previous question) we do not have any legal influence over the operational processes, costs, or funding allocations of a project and therefore have no say in how profitability is maintained within this model. 

Q:   Will you work on a commission-only basis?

A:   In short, the answer is no. Several studies have shown that commission-only sales people will not be focused on the best interests of their customers, only what gets them paid the fastest, regardless of your customer's needs. 


PSAI Sales and Business Development Professionals are like any other professional sector in business today (legal, marketing, insurance, finance, or human resources to list some examples).


We've invested significant monetary resources in training our Sales Professionals on the intricacies of relational dynamics, project management, sales psychology, economics, finance, communications, marketing, public speaking, and several other areas.


We maintain an ongoing investment in developing contact lists, product knowledge bases, industry connections, and refined sales procedures & processes to provide superior results to our customers. Our specialists are well positioned to provide value to your business by using the full spectrum of resources at our disposal. As such, Professional Sales Agents International Inc. will respectfully decline any business offered on a commission-only basis.


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