Outsourced Sales

Effective as of August 1, 2017


Base Rate

$75.00/hour - Minimum Booking of 40 Hours

Success Fee

Negotiable per Contract

Travel Expenses Outside of Home Area*

Reimbursed at par plus 10%

Kilometer Charge Outside of Home Area*


General Expenses**

Reimbursed at par plus 10%


*The “Home Area” is generally defined as Calgary, Alberta, Canada (unless otherwise stated). Travel expenses within the Home Area are included in the Base Rate. Travel beyond Calgary will be subject to the per kilometer charge. Hotels, accommodations, and meals are charged at par plus 10%. Travel Expenses can be capped by request.


**General Expenses are defined as costs incurred through the sales process. These may include, but are not limited to, client entertainment, sample products, tools, and/or fees. General Expenses are discussed with the client prior to contract signing and be can capped by request. All General and Travel Expenses are submitted to the client on a separate, detailed report along with copies of receipts.