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Do you know the ONE secret to sales success? 


Your Business is Worth More. Way More.


How do you substantially increase your value to your customers?


The SellAssist™ Coaching and Training Program is specifically engineered to teach you how to:

  • Build Real, Lasting Value In Every Single Interaction with Your Customers

  • Help You Better Understand Your Customer on Their Terms

  • Master the Ability to Handle Customer Objections

  • Better See the Opportunities In New Product and Service Markets

  • Directly Access Experienced Sales Professionals Who Know How to Solve Problems

  • Develop Rapport and a Personal Connection With Every Customer

  • Leverage Relationships To Make Clients Come Back - Again and Again

  • Ask the RIGHT Questions of Customers - Get To the Heart of the Sale!

  • Turn Customers Into Your Greatest, Biggest, FREE Sales Force

  • Directly Access Experienced Sales Professionals at PSAI Anytime - People Who Know How to Solve Problems


Owners who regularly struggle to effectively promote and sell their products or services within a B2B environment run the risk of spending too much time on the sales process and neglecting other aspects of their business. Learn how to focus your time, and maximize results. 


Packages & Pricing



The PSAI SellAssist™ program is available in several package types allowing you to scale your needs to your business. And as much as we want to be your friend for life, this service isn’t meant to be a lifetime commitment. Most clients sign up to the program for six (6) months to twelve (12) months, or until they are satisfied with the new and shockingly fantastic performance of their company.

You're welcome. 




Effective as of August 1, 2017


Micro-Enterprise Rate

$799 / Month

less than 3 Active Sales Reps

Small Business Rate

$2599 / Month

4 - 10 Active Sales Reps

Enterprise Rate

$6599/ Month

11 - 25 Active Sales Reps

Enterprise Plus Rate

$8995 / Month

26 - 35 Active Sales Reps


Corporate Rate

$12995 / Month

36 - 50 Active Sales Reps

Corporate Plus Rate

Please Contact for Quote

50+ Active Sales Reps

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